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Old Steese Upgrade Project
Old Steese Upgrade Project
Do you travel the Old Steese, between Trainor Gate and the Johansen? We want your ideas for proposed upgrades!

DOT&PF is proposing upgrades to the Old Steese Highway between Trainor Gate Road and the Johansen Expressway. The primary objectives of this state-funded project are to improve safety and capacity for both motorized and non-motorized users.

Proposed improvements are detailed in the concepts found in the Topic Details tab. The project team is currently considering Concepts 3, 4, and 5 which propose widening the project to 4 or 5 lanes. Concepts 1 and 2 were dropped because they would not sufficiently improve safety and capacity.

Frequently Asked Questions, Questions and Answers received to date, and all material from the December 2014 meeting can be downloaded from the Topic Details tab.

Key project elements include: bicycle and pedestrian facilities, roadway and intersection improvements.

Other improvements include: utilities, lighting, railroad crossing, landscaping and drainage.

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