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Trainor Gate Road Upgrade Options
Trainor Gate Road Upgrade Options
We are recommending that the intersection of Old Steese and Trainor Gate become one-way. What are your thoughts?

The purpose of the Old Steese Upgrade project is to improve traffic capacity and safety for all users. The Old Steese Highway and Trainor Gate Road intersection currently experiences congestion and has a crash rate four times higher than the state-wide average for similar intersections. This is likely due to inadequate capacity on the Old Steese Highway and the close proximity of the Steese Expressway. The initial recommendation for this project was to convert Trainor Gate Road between Old Steese Highway and Steese Expressway from two-way travel to one-way westbound travel.

At the December 2014 Public Open House, attendees communicated concerns about modifying Trainor Gate Road from two-way travel to one-way travel between Steese Expressway and Old Steese Highway. In response, we analyzed nine additional options that would keep this segment of Trainor Gate Road operating as a two-way roadway. Seven options have operational issues (such as traffic backing up and blocking adjacent intersections) and were therefore eliminated from further consideration. Two viable options remain that could provide two-way travel on Trainor Gate Road.

These two-way options assume Old Steese Highway is upgraded to four or five lanes. The five-lane configuration would have two northbound/southbound through lanes with a center two-way left-turn lane.

The viable options for maintaining two-way travel, along with the current recommendation to convert the segment to one-way travel are detailed in the topic details. The no-build option is always a consideration, which would maintain the status quo (non-signalized intersection with two-way traffic on Trainor Gate Road).

Please visit TOPIC DETAILS to view maps of the options.

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